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How To Sew Up A Hole In A Dress

How To Sew Up A Hole In A Dress

Sew in straight stitch all around the edges of the bottom patch to keep the hole reinforced. Cover with the top patch. Place the folded-edge side down onto the fabric so it completely covers all the machine stitching. Hand-sew with matching thread (applique style) onto the top of the garment.
With a few sewing supplies and basic stitches, you can repair holes, seams, and hems on your garments, and extend the life of your clothes.

After years of wear and tear of a garment it is quite common to have stitching come loose, which causes holes in the garment. These holes become bothersome .
Fortunately, when your favorite garment does rip, tear or form a hole, you can easily repair it yourself with a few key items for a far lower cost than taking it to a .
Even if you don't give your clothes a tough workout, you may find that you've worn holes into the knees, elbows, or elsewhere. Being able to mend your own .
garment. Hand-sewing needle. Scissors. How to mend holes in garments. Either tie a knot in the end of the thread, or do a couple of small stitches to secure.

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