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Making Your Own Envelopes

Making Your Own Envelopes

Make Your Own Envelopes. Step 1: What You Will Need. What You Will Need: Step 2: Unfold Your Envelope. Take an envelope and unfold it. Step 3: Trace the Envelope Onto Your Paper. Take a page out of your magazine. Place the side you like face down. Fold the right and left sides in. Step 5: YOURE FINISHED!! Now you have.
Method 1. Making a Pouch Envelope. Get a paper that's about twice as large as your desired envelope size. Fold the paper over evenly. Tape together the open left and right sides. Fold down the top to make a flap. Insert the letter or card. Glue the flap to keep your message enclosed.

Follow these easy steps to make an envelope for any size of card or letter: Measure the card or letter and add a little extra. Measure the distance from the 'X' to the top of the rectangle. Draw lines from this point to both corners of the rectangle to form a triangular-shaped flap.
Why would I want to make one when I can just buy one? Because normal envelopes are boring and handmade ones are awesome. When you make your own .

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